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When you're looking for a thoughtful gift for work, family, and friends, significant others or whichever the occasion, Fannie May Chocolates is the perfect present for any chocolate lover. We pride ourselves on being the premier chocolate makers in quality, elegance, and innovative gourmet chocolate gifts. Sending or receiving a chocolate gift from Fannie May means you're a part of a gift that was carefully crafted and designed with you in mind. Our customers are our family, and we promise to bring our family the best chocolate and candy that is made with the freshest and finest ingredients we've continued to use for the last 90 years.

For nearly a century, Fannie May Chocolates has been bringing you the finest gourmet chocolates, fudge, and candies that have kept us as your favorite traditional chocolate store. Since the first Fannie May chocolate store opened in 1920 Chicago, we have been developing decadent chocolates, using only the premium of ingredients. Our rich chocolate recipes remain unchanged since the day we premiered them. Even when ingredients were scarce, Fannie May Chocolates kept its original recipes and refused to compromise the gourmet milk chocolate and dark chocolate tastes that put us at the top of the chocolate charts.

Our chocolate creations have gone on to become staples of family and holiday traditions. Whether you enjoy our Fannie May Pixies® (available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate), Carmarsh (available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate), Mint Meltaways chocolates, Trinidad chocolates, Vanilla Buttercreams (available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate), or our signature Chocolate Covered Strawberries (available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate), Fannie May Chocolates will always strive to bring you the best chocolates we have to offer. Quality and elegance in our chocolates continues to be our life's work, because we want nothing less than the best in chocolates for our family of customers.

We guarantee a high standard of excellence with all of our gourmet chocolates, as well as advertising, manufacturing, and packaging. We also stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that the most delicious and high quality of gourmet milk chocolate, gourmet dark chocolate, and gourmet fudge gifts are being sold. Our family of customers is important to us through every step of the way to gourmet chocolate and candy excellence. If you ever have any questions or comments, please reach us at or call 1-877-744-3390; we're always happy to hear from you.

There is a reason that Fannie May Chocolates have been in your family tradition for all these years. We have and will continue to be the paramount of your gifting and chocolate needs. Whether you're buying your favorite Fannie May Pixies® chocolates, or trying a Vanilla Buttercream chocolate for the first time, we're there for you. Here's to another 90 years of excellence in gourmet chocolates to share!